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On Sunday mornings, during the summer months of 2017,  we will continue to press through the Gospel of Luke.  In doing so, we will discover many aspects of Christ's ministry and the multi-faceted applications they can have in our lives.  Pastor Tschirhart will particularly address the struggle many people have with doubts about Jesus.  Getting to know Him better through the avenue of the scriptures will help us all to love Christ more.
  You are invited to prepare with us as we listen, worship & contemplate what the Lord has for us in the scriptures. If you miss our gathering, please listen on our podcast listed here on our website.
A refreshment time of coffee with a light snack & small groups will follow the morning message. 
On this Sunday may also select from the current small groups listed on the announcement board in the church foyer.  These include children, teens & adult groups.

JUNE 11, 2017

Luke 8:1-18   "Our Common, Not So Common Ground"